lundi 20 mai 2019

Copyright Value Added - The Game V2 [mai 2019]

Following the European Union Directive for Copyright, more and more signals are coming out to place copyright management on the CEO agenda at the same level as data privacy management [1] :
  • content marketing has become a key leverage for branding
  • more and more jobs are creating and using copyright assets
  • overlooked copyright faults by a supplier may question his security and loyalty
  • copyright security is being looked as a clue of enterprise and professional ethic 
  • overlooked copyright faults by an employer may deter the best digital talents, who have been trained on copyright use [2a] and are eager to work within an ethic environment, to join and stay [2b]
  • in a few enterprises, organisation has already been impacted [3a][3b].

To help enterprises to cope with the new paradigme created by the European Union Directive of Copyright, Do-Khac Decision has announced the version 2 of the business game Copyright Value Added  - The Game.

Launched in 2013, the business game Copyright Value Added - The Game version 1 focused on copyright management [4].

In 2019, Copyright Value Added - The Game version 2 extends the learning scope to innovation management.

The objective : 
deliver an experience of innovation management in the new paradigme born from the European Union Directive for Copyright.

Copyright Value Added - The Game version 2 belongs to the next generation of heutagogic training, that is called Enterprise Adventure Game.
An Enterprise Adventure Game is a business game, where the trainees simulate the journey of an enterprise under the supervision of trainers, but for an Enterprise Adventure Game, the journey is strongly anchored into real life [5].

As a matter of fact, the simulated journey of Copyright Value Added - The Game takes place somewhere in F'rance in a period between 2005 and today, which has been marked with the following emblematic events :
  • 2009 : Hadopi law
  • 2012 : Culture Acte II, a state consultation of the culture and media industry
  • 2014-15 : Ambition Numérique, a nation wide consultation on digital era
  • 2018-19 : the Directive of the European parliament and the council on copyright in the digital single market.

In Copyright Value Added - The Game, the journey begins at the enterprise inception.

Depending to the trainees objectives and expectations, the experience varies according to
  • the initial asset (s)
  • the period when the simulated journey takes place.
The initial asset may be
  • a brand
  • a professional community
  • academic research
  • a design pattern
  • a book
  • ...
During the session, the trainees are equipped with a state-of-the-art physical and digital workspace [6a] enabled by The Open Creative Workdhop Guide workshop framework [6b] and featuring some exclusive genuine business tools such as
  • the Business Model Pavement for Digital (BMPD)  design canvas [7a],
  • the HORIT design pattern [7b],
  • the Agile marketing pattern [7c],
  • the ProtectShare IP design pattern [8a],
  • the ProtectShare IP agile game [8b],...
Aligned with the promise of an Enterprise Adventure Game, the use cases and the materials come from our research and root into real life and can be beforehand examined on the open web [9a][9b].

By entering the Copyright Value Added- The Game experience  you get access to the best copyright management practices, including those we have met these 10 last years during managing the creative digital enterprise Do-Khac Decision operations under the theory of "The digital enterprise as a result of IT/IP collisions" [10].

Depending on your expectations, a team of trainers, coaches and seasoned experts [11] are pleased to share strategic, operational, human and legal perspectives and help you to get the best value out of this training experience.

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Update 5 July 2019
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2015 : La méthode "IT Regime Management" et ses outils d'intelligence collective émotionnelle présélectionnés par l'association Pacte PME pour le compte d'une entreprise membre recherchant des solutions innovantes pour des économies en systèmes d'information et télécom.

2015 ; Lors de la cinquième édition de l'IT Innovation Forum parraînée par le Club des Responsables d'Infrastructure et de Production (CRIP) le 27 janvier dernier, l'innovation frugale du "Personal MOOC" a reçu le Trophée IT Innovation Forum dans la catégorie Enterprise Mobility / Collaboratif.

2017 : Le serious game La Maîtrise d'Usage a été retenu par le SGA / ministère des arméés pour être présenté dans l'espace startup de "Innovation Défense en soutien des armées", une manifestation organisée dans le cadre de la Semaine de l'Innovation Publique du 20 au 26 novembre 2017.